#1 Restart


The last few months have been pretty intense. Teaching and my side jobs didn’t leave me with much time for research. In summer, I took a little break from everything, including social media. I never stopped reading Hannibal fanfictions, though. Because to be honest? That’s something that almost always lifts my spirit.

As some kind of a restart, I decided to blog every now and then. While I keep confidential information in a hand-written journal and would, for obvious reasons, never post about individuals, writing in a semi-public space has its benefits. This blog is meant as a tool for transparency. I don’t expect anyone to read it, but I think that there should be information available on how, exactly, I work. If you think I missed a point or got something really wrong, please feel free to get in touch

What I’m going to write here is by no means scientific essays. While I might make references to studies this is more of a collage of raw data, personal experience and initial ideas.

In this episode…

There’s a lot I want to do. I really want to finish a Hannibal fanfiction I started back in 2018 (I share my AO3-pseud with fannibals. Write me if you want to know it). To me, it’s hard work. Writing myself shows me how much effort all of you put in your fan works. I’d like to join in a writing challenge such as the kinktober, but I’m not yet decided.

My main focus, however, is to get in touch with more of you people and I’m planning on having more chats and informal interviews in the next few months. Depending on the COVID situation, we might even meet in person next year, since I still plan on attending the RDC6. Let’s hope for the best.

I look forward to have more inspiring chats with fannibals. Thank you so much to all of you who already took their time talking with me.

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