On hiatus

This project is still pretty much alive, but currently on hiatus. It’ll be just a short beauty sleep and I’ll be back in no time.
The reason is pretty simple: I work two jobs to fund my phd. Recently, a colleague had to go into maternity leave a lot sooner than we all had planned for. So I was offered to jump in and manage her project. It’s a great opportunity since I get to support a program at my university’s’ department for equality, diversity and academic staff development. I care very much for these topics and there’s a lot for me to learn on how to create a much more open and diverse academic culture. It is a big responsibility – as is doing ethnographic research. I wouldn’t do you, the fans, any justice if I’d do interviews overtired or pressed for time. So I decided to do what many fan fic writers do from time to time and put this work on hiatus. I look forward to resume our conversations and interviews in May. You can still contact me via e-mail or DM whenever you like and I promise to answer you asap. Those of you being in touch with me on AO3: I won’t be able to keep myself from reading your fics, no matter how little free time I have.
See/read you all soon again. Stay save and don’t give up hope, even with all the worrisome and sad things happening in our world right now.

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