Damaris Müller

  • born 1989
  • lives and works in southern Germany
  • 2010 - 2018 Albert Ludwig’s University Freiburg (Germany)
    • German Linguistics and Literature
    • History and Archaeology (BA)
    • Interdisciplinary Anthropology (MA)
  • since autumn 2019 planning of my PhD project
  • since July 2020 PhD student of Interdisciplinary Anthropology, ALU Freiburg
  • part-time job as research assistant at the University Medical Centre Freiburg


  • Lehre: Sprachexorzismus – „Fighting against -ism and scism“ Interdisziplinäres Seminar über Sprache, Geschlecht und Politik, WS 2017/18
  • Discussion Group  – Organisation of a series of events about interdisciplinary research.
  •  Publication (with Reto Schölly): On meta-aesthetics in the video game SOMA (only available in German).

What else


Gaming: Discovered it in my late twenties. Today something I absolutely love to do. Resident Evil, Ghost of Tsushima or Horizon Zero Dawn until the PlayStation overheats.


I do not function without it. Everything louder than everything else. Since 15 years mostly metal. Kreator, Blind Guardian, Kataklysm and approx. 3.298 other bands. Can't wait for the post-pandemic concerts.

Cooking & Friends

It’s always nice to have friends for dinner ;-) Cooking, eating and drinking together, talking about everything and anything whenever I can spare the time (sometimes even if I can’t). Best stress relief.

You want to know more? You have any questions left? Don’t hesitate to contact me – I’ll answer as soon as possible.

Doing Fan Culture

A PhD Project on Fan Culture, Emotion and Sexuality